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95pt Quilt (Joe Wagner) Cabernet Napa Valley 2014

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Napa halts when a Wagner releases a wine. With the debut of Quilt, winemaking expert Joe Wagner has taken this sense of breathless frenzy to a higher realm. This sensual Cab Sauv represents a brilliant viticultural patchwork, as Joe painstakingly traverses some of Napa’s most astounding appellations to source exquisite fruit worthy of his family’s legacy. Though his deft skill set, these grapes are woven together to form a balanced expression of rich depth and intense flavor concentration. Tempting aromas of hazelnut, blackberry, cocoa, and nuanced dark licorice transition to a rich palate expression of opulent fruit rounded by subtle hints of molasses, brown sugar, and brownie.

About the wine

The average wine debuts with little fanfare. Quilt, however, is not an average wine. It couldn’t be, since 5th generation winemaking stud Joe Wagner is the skilled vintner behind the label. He plies the passionate farm-meets-science approach to shepherd this label to fruition, just like he does with Elouan, Carne Humana, and the rest of the “one varietal, one label” selections he creates for his popular Copper Cane Wine & Provisions portfolio. At the same time, he does something slightly different here, stitching together a sumptuous Cab Sauv through a patchwork of killer grapes culled from a “who’s who” of Napa appellations, like Oakville, Atlas Peak, and Howell Mountain. Ever the maestro, Joe meticulously arranges this fruit to harmonize in sensational fashion, producing a seductively rich, exquisite temptress tied together by exquisite flavor concentration and high-wire balance. Lush aromatics of hazelnut, creme de cassis, cocoa, blackberry mingles with essences of charred meat and hints of dark licorice, stewed rhubarb, and vanilla. This sets the stage for a rich attack of fruit that’s artfully subdued by nuanced brownie, molasses, yogurt, and brown sugar. It’s a wine that lives up to the expectations that naturally come with the Wagner surname, making it an essential piece of any Napa Cab lover’s collection.  

Winemaker: Joe Wagner
Appellation: Napa Valley
- 95 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced
4.3/5.0, Vivino Users, 414 Reviews 
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyards: Vineyards from Oakville, St. Helena, Atlas Peak, Coombsville, Calistoga, and Howell Mountain
Cooperage: French Oak, 70% New
ABV: 15.0%

About the winery & vineyards

Quilt was a known commodity even before its first vintage hit the market. That’s because this Napa winery is the brainchild of Joe Wagner, the 5th generation winemaker and viticultural visionary that comes from the Napa-defining Wagner clan. It’s also due to the winery’s Cab Sauv-driven concept. As is the case with Belle Glos, Elouan, and the rest of the wines held under Joe’s burgeoning Copper Cane Wine & Provisions portfolio, Quilt is solely focused on one varietal. Yet as the name slyly implies, each creation is crafted from a patchwork of vineyards located in such All-Star appellations as Oakville, St. Helena, Howell Mountain, and Atlas Peak. The specific vineyards involved remain under wraps, but that’s hardly room for concern. After all, the Wagner surname is uttered around here in the hushed, reverent tones reserved for other Napa luminaries like Mondavi. What is known, is that Joe only sourced from vineyards boasting well-draining, restrained vines, therefore plucking fruit practically bursting with intense colors and rich textures. Joe carefully nurtures these grapes to express the full depth and character of their respective AVAs, leading to a sublime expression of Napa Cab whose sum is greater than its already exceptional parts. It’s a Wagner-made wine that stands out well beyond the surname.

About the winemaker

Joe Wagner isn’t just a 5th generation winemaker. He’s part of a family legacy that helped propel Napa into its modern-day status as a worldwide viticultural force. He painstakingly upholds the legend that’s part and parcel to his surname through a passionate process built on paying deep respect to the terroir. Each harvest brings new enticing possibilities for Joe to intimately dig into the soil of every block he encounters, nurturing the vines with the passionate intensity of a veteran farmer. This love of the land transforms into a scientific sensibility once the grapes have been sourced, as his deft deployment of modern technique and old-school finesse cajole every ounce of character and depth each grape can possibly give. It’s a process that does more than form Quilt’s impressive soul. It lays the foundation for his viticultural firm Copper Cane Wine & Provisions, home to his other popular labels like Carne Humana and Elouan. 

95 pts - Alex Casella, WSET Advanced

"A hypnotic purple almost opaque color. Exotic dark fruits soar out the glass met with bright red boysenberry, stewed plums, baked blackberry pie, hints of purple flowers, coffee bean and generous oak all mingle harmoniously on the nose. Without even tasting, you can tell this is a big and bolstering Napa Cab. The palate is endowed with luxurious texture and hints of sweetness on the finish. It packs a ton of black fruits, warm berries, toasted oak, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. This is a well-structured wine with bold tannins but not over the top. If you are a fan of big luscious Napa Cabernet, this wine is for you! Pop the cork now or cellar over next 5 years."



Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Wagner Family Special - Joe Wagner's Patchwork "Quilt"
4.3 ★ Wagner (Caymus) 95pt Quilt Napa Cab fr Joe Wagner!
4.3 ★ Wagner (Caymus) 95pt Quilt Napa Cab fr Joe Wagner!
There is no doubt the Wagner’s know Cabernet and Joe Wagner’s debut label is a rich shop-stopper. An out of the gates Vivino top Cab.
There is no doubt the Wagner’s know Cabernet and Joe Wagner’s debut label is a rich shop-stopper. An out of the gates Vivino top Cab.
#4 in Best Wines btwn $20 and $40
Napa-Defining Wagner Fam Member
2017-5-12 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Alex Casella, WSET Advanced:
95 / 100
#stars_review=Vivino Users, 4.3 (589 ratings):
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2017-5-19 00:01:00 -8:00:00
Last Day: 95pt Joe Wagner Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet!

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