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96pt 2013 Grand Napa Zinfandel Napa

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The low-yielding 2013 is perhaps the most concentrated vintage seen in a generation – and it’s got Zinfandel lovers licking their lips.  The 2013’s overwhelm the best of previous vintages with torrential flows of jammy fruit – but also toothsome, chewy structure.  For those who like their Zins big enough for steak, Grand Napa has you covered – their Zin tastes like it was crossbred with Cab!  

About the wine

Much-loved for their remarkable sub-appellation series of Cabernets, Grand Napa is now carving out acclaim with their powerful and polished Zinfandel.  Showing all the sumptuous, even syrupy fruit of the 2013 vintage, it’s a hedonistic style that has been treated more like a Cabernet than a typical Zin.  So it has more backbone and a nicely complementary oak regimen that make it a candidate for short-term aging – not that anyone is going to want to wait to knock back the great 2013 wines!  Let’s pass the mic over to Mr. Parker for more on the significance of this season: “This could turn out to be one of the most epic and awesome vintages the North Coast of California has ever produced. The wines are more tightly coiled and present themselves with more closed personalities than their 2012 counterparts, but they are by no means inaccessible. They are powerful, rich and concentrated, extremely well-delineated, and will be extremely long-lived, eclipsing even the aging potential of the 2012s."                 

Winemaker: Dwight Bonewell
AppellationNapa Valley
- 96+Chris Stanley, Certified Sommelier
- 93-95 pts, Brian Whitaker, Blackhawk Grill Sommelier/GM
- 4.5/5.0, Vivino Users
Grapes: 100% Zinfandel 
Vineyards: Select Napa plantings
Cooperage: 1 to 2 years in 100% French Oak, depending on lot
ABV: 15.4%

About the winery

Located in the heart of the Napa Valley, Grand Napa attracts an international mix of wine industry talent and clientele.  This is an exciting new winery to watch that has enviable holdings in Oakville, Rutherford, Howell Mountain, Spring Mountain, Stag's Leap, and Atlas Peak – talk about assembling a superstar roster!  The team behind Grand Napa brought together their cumulative 60+ years of wine experience in founding the winery and have travelled extensively through the world's great wine regions.  They've used this experience to steer the ship at Grand Napa as it makes it mark with robust but accessible reds with a specialty in Cabernet. 

About the vineyards 

Grand Napa’s cherry picked killer fruit all over Napa. This has enabled them to match the best attributes of high elevations (deep dark color but savage tannins) with the richer soil of the lowlands (plump, jammy fruit and sweet licorice accents). Blended together, and you get a deliciously full-featured Zinfandel showcasing the best attributes of the 2013 vintage.

About the winemaker, Dwight Bonewell

From walking the fields during the vine’s dormant winters to the packing of cases, Dwight Bonewell has his hands in every step of the process at Grand Napa.  Some would call this micromanaging but ultimately, it’s what separates the mediocre wineries from the ambitious.  Carefully following the vine from budbreak to bloom and veraison to harvest, Dwight beings to prepare his battle plan for when the fruit comes in: full destemming, small batch fermentations and a thoughtful barrel regimen in French oak that enhances the wine with secondary notes without over-extracting tannin.

96+ pts - Chris Stanley, Certified Sommelier

"The 2013 Grand Napa Zinfandel is a monster! This beastly Napa Red is multifaceted showing deep purples and dark red fruits.... ripe brambly berries, red crisp cherries, crisp plum, lavender, leather, and soft balanced spices. The wine leans dry with tannins however finishes mouthwatering and savory- An age worthy mastercrafted Napa Zin! Drink (2016-2025+)."

93-95 pts - Brian Whitaker, Sommelier/GM

"Dark bramble berries on the nose are wrapped by fine oak and firm acidity. Ripe raspberry, black cherry, earth, flower, and allspice emerge to layered black plum and fig. Recommended Pairing: Flatbread Pizza with Caramelized Onion, Blue Cheese, Figs, and Balsamic."

Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Grand Napa’s 2013 Napa Zin – Biale-esque Bruiser Stacked w/ Fruit
96pt 2013 Napa Zin from Grand Napa
Grand Napa is now carving out acclaim with their powerful and polished Zinfandel!
Fuller, Cab-Scaled Napa Zin
Compares to Orin Swift's Saldo
Whoa nelly! Grand Napa’s Zin is a brickhouse! Packed and stacked in all the right places, it’s got what Zin lovers crave
2017-5-15 23:59:00 -8:00:00
#review=Chris Stanley, Certified Sommelier:
96+ / 100
#review=Brian Whitaker, Sommelier/GM:
93-95 / 100
#stars_review=Vivino Users, (4.1):
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