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98pt Wagner's (Caymus) “Red Schooner” Voyage 4

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The new arrival of the Wagner Family’s highly coveted Malbec! Voyage earned the status as the wine world’s white-hot “it” wine the second its first incarnation was released. This exceptional red is the christening of its fourth iteration, and it shows off the earmarks that have made the Wagner Family best in class in Napa. Voyage 4 is yet another Wagner (Caymus) Masterpiece. It’s an impeccable, sensual red of outsized personality and layers of complexity. Collectors are already stocking up!

About the wine

The Intercontinental Title Belt remains with The Wagner Family!  When the Red Schooner first came into port, that little boat rocked the wine world that had grown too comfortable with the status quo.  Only the Wagner family’s frontier spirit could inspire such a bold move - the grapes are sourced from Argentina and transported to America under refrigeration.  Say what?   That’s crazy talk!  Indeed, but once there, the grapes are converted into purple-black elixir with the special methods perfected at Wagner’s Caymus HQ.  With five years of aging, the wine has retained its vigorous mountain fruit but has calmed into a seductively soft texture - we’re talking thousand-thread-count tannins.  With the response the Voyage wine have got, you’ll need to move fast.  Get it now before the price triples!  Collectors, Caymus fiends, admirers of the bold – this one is all you!

Winemaker: Charlie Wagner Jr.
AppellationFruit from Mendoza, Argentina, vinted and bottled in Rutherford, Napa
- 98 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced
- 4.5/5.0, Vivino Users
- 4.3/5.0, Vivino Users, Voyage 3 (697 Reviews)
- 4.4/5.0, Vivino Users, Voyage 2 (722 Reviews)
- 4.3/5.0, Vivino Users, Voyage 1 (542 Reviews)
- 20+ 95pt Scores for Caymus
- 2x Wine of the Year (Wine Spectator)
- 4.5/5.0, Vivino Users (60,000+ ratings, all of Caymus)
Grapes: 100% Malbec
Vineyards: Andean Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina
Cooperage: 12 months in French Oak, 50% of which is new
ABV: 14.7%

About the winery

Caymus Patriarch Chuck Wagner needed a new challenge.  So he began to search for a Malbec vineyard that could support the robust Caymus winemaking style – it turned out that the only place that vineyard could be found was 6,000 miles away in the Andes Mountains of South America.  But how to get the grapes?  The answer took some clever thinking – using the same ships that move refrigerated fruit around the globe, Wagner brought his prized Malbec to Caymus’s facility in historic Rutherford.  Thanks to the South American growing season being the opposite of ours, Chuck was able to make Malbec while his famous Cabernet grew happily outside.  This unconventional and daring approach has yielded impressive results. 

About the vineyard

You might be asking yourself why Caymus couldn’t just grow Malbec in Napa – believe it, they tried.  Yet nothing can replace the flawless Malbec from the extreme elevation of Argentina’s Andes Mountains.  The elevation here can reach over a mile high and Malbec cranks into overdrive in this unique environment.  The difference between Malbec in Napa and Andean Malbec is night and day.  The grape skins are five times thicker here, producing impossibly dense and dark wines with plenty of tannin, and the altitude also creates a better concentration of soft tannin and acidity, making reds with outstanding structure and longevity.  When the Wagners realized that the only way to make a Caymus-level Malbec was think outside the box, they didn’t hesitate.  Red Schooner is going to be a turning point for how wineries go about finding the best quality grapes.  Caymus proved that the best of the best will stop at nothing!

About the winemaker, Charlie Wagner Jr.  

Winemaker Chuck Wagner (Charlie's Father) received the Wine Spectator award for Distinguished Service, reserved only for those individuals who make a significant and long-lasting impact on wine.  It’s a fitting honor for this living legend who not only created two Wine of the Year award winners, but has also produced offspring with the same potential to create legendary wine.  His children captain the ship at such California luminaries as Mer Soleil, Belle Glos, Emmolo and Conundrum.  Chuck has chosen another vessel to captain as he embroiders his already spectacular reputation.   With “Red Schooner”, each Voyage bottling will represent a risky and ambitious endeavor to push the boundaries of fine wine.  With the legend of Voyage wines already growing in prominence each day, the rush is on to get in on subsequent releases before they vanish permanently into cellars, never to see the light of day.

98 pts - Alex Casella, WSET Advanced

"An opaque purple color that builds up the nose of robust and unctuous dark fruits. Stewed blackberry, macerated plums, blueberry jam, cedar, roasted herbs and mocha fill the palate. Abundant tannins that are so elegant you could drink now or hold for years to come. The perfect meat lovers wine and will crowd please at most BBQ’s this summer. Drink or hold the next 3-7 years."

Chuck Wagner, Caymus Winery

"A 'Caymus style' of Mendoza Malbec. Definitely an iron fist in a velvet glove. Rich fine tannin - a Mendoza dust fine texture. There is a very refined character to this wine, which is special and singular. This wine is unfined and has already thrown a bit of sediment, representing the rich and natural concentration of abundant quality.  A dense, dark red, this wine opens up with the scent of ripe plums and cherries, layered with hints of dark chocolate. On the palate, it is powerful, concentrated, supple and persistent, with generous flavors of French oak that support but don’t dominate. The wine carries through to a complete finish, balanced and integrated with soft tannins that imbue it with both structure and balance."  


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
4.5 ★ Wagner Family (Caymus) Red Schooner Voyage 4 - New Release! Blink and It's Gone
98pt Caymus Collectible - Voyage 4 Red Schooner - Special Selection Style Malbec!
98pt Caymus Collectible - Voyage 4 Red Schooner - Special Selection Style Malbec!
The best malbec from Caymus yet! Vivino users already rating this the best Voyage ever.
Wmkr of 2 Wines of the Year
Collectible 4th Voyage
The best malbec from Caymus yet! Vivino users already rating this the best Voyage ever.
2017-4-20 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Alex Casella, WSET Advanced:
98 / 100
#stars_review=Vivino Users, (4.5):
#stars_review=Vivino Users, Voyage 3 (4.3):
#stars_review=Vivino Users, Voyage 2 (4.4):
#review=Vivino Users, All Caymus (4.5):
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Caymus Collectible! Red Schooner Voyage 4 - New Release: 12 Hours Remain

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