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99pt 2014 Dylan’s Ghost Zinfandel Mead Ranch, Napa Valley

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Aaron Pott’s latest essential work uses old vines to create something timeless. The winemaking guru sources Old Vine Zin grapes from the same Atlas Peak vineyard that spawned Turley’s epic Zins, cajoling the perfect amount of engaging regional expression through his expert, gentle hand. An indulgent assortment of raspberry, milk chocolate, cherry, and molasses nuzzle the palate, bolstered by a bright acidity that leads to a long, memorable exit of strawberries, hazelnuts, and licorice. Get this manifestation of Pott’s genius now or regret not doing so later.   

About the wine

Aaron Pott doesn’t work with inferior varietals, so his ascent to the Atlas Peak AVA to obtain Old Vine Zin grapes for this killer vintage is inherently exciting. Pott’s applied brilliance to his sourced fruit results in a masterful example of sheer viticultural craftsmanship; a complex mind-blower pulsating with vivacious character and tantalizing freshness. Luscious notes of raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and milk chocolate initiate the palate, setting the stage for a complex expression of plum, cherry, fig, cola, molasses, caramel, and rhubarb. The wine’s bright acidity spreads the fruit’s vibrancy to all the palate’s corners, resulting in a lengthy finish marked by memorable notes of strawberry, hazelnuts, and licorice. It’s an indulgent experience that is destined to turn heads whenever it’s pulled from a collection.

Winemaker: Aaron Pott
AppellationAtlas Peak, Napa Valley
- 97-99 pts, Chris Stanley, Certified Somm
- 97 pts, Brian Whitaker, Somm/GM
GrapesOld Vine Zinfandel
VineyardsMead Ranch
Cooperage: 22 months new French Oak 
ABV: 15.1%

About the winery

There’s nothing spooky about Dylan’s Ghost, but the spirit of Napa’s viticultural soul is quite present. Named after the famed Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, co-founders Aaron Pott and Joseph Carr makes sure such artistic inspiration isn’t merely the basis for a cool story. Each bottle produced is a product of intense passion and a deep understanding of the process, as Pott’s progressive winemaking techniques and relentless exploration of the region’s finest vineyards result in game-changing labels that stop the wine world in its tracks. Because of Pott’s own stake in the winery, he’s allowed to express the exquisite fruit he sources however he sees fit, right down to the last nuanced note. It’s this enticing level of freedom that makes every release of a Dylan’s Ghost wine an outright celebratory event.

About the vineyards

Napa vineyards simply don’t get more impressive than Mead Ranch. Originally planted sometime in the 1880s, this sloping vineyard sits about 1,600 feet from sea level in the middle of the Atlas Peak AVA. San Francisco’s sparkling skyline can be spotted from here on a clear day, but the predictable rolling fog that infiltrates the landscape makes this visual a somewhat rare occasion. Of course, the fog is a feature instead of a bug, as it promotes cool, gentle growing conditions that dovetail nicely with the restraint stemming from the vineyards’ porous, red volcanic soil. The delicate balance between climate and land produce plump, juicy grapes marked with complexity and famously balanced acidity.

About the winemaker

As a winemaker, Aaron Pott is a hybrid of the technically-obsessed scientist and the dirt-stained farmer. Pott boasts a Master’s degree in Viticulture from the prestigious University de Borgogne, and this extended foray into academia enables him to view each harvest in a deeply technical manner. His hands-on study under the great Michel Rolland and his stretch as winemaker at Chateau Saint Emilon’s Troplong-Mondot supplied him with the essential ability to infuse his knowledge base with the type of winemaking finesses and nuance that’s impossible to pluck from a book. The well-rounded journey led to near-absurd success as his star splashed the scene, best exemplified by the 99+ point rating his debut vintage at Seven Stones nabbed. Pott’s wines have since been hauling in 97+ wine ratings as effortlessly as an upright bucket gathering rainwater, and this uncanny knack for producing perfection causes the wine world to stop in breathless anticipation whenever his plans for future wines are announced.


97-99 points, Chris Stanley, Certified Sommelier

"The 2014 Dylan's Ghost Zinfandel Mead Ranch Atlas Peak is beyond spectacular! Don't take my word for it just ask Helen Turley who has been the lone Mead Ranch producer since 00'.The $100 price-tag is steep for Zin but one sip and you'll know why. In the hands of Potts, the wine gets his signature glass-staining inky goodness with his mind-blowing phenolic levels way off the charts. Dark black brambly juicy fruit, full of spice, forest floor, sage notes, coffee, licorice and fine french oak. Ultra small berries with lots of fruit texture and natural ripeness. An exotic rarity."

97 pts - Brian Whitaker, Somm/GM

"Dark, ripe, extracted, tea spice, floral notes. Palate of dense wild black raspberries, dark chocolate, black licorice, baking spice, and menthol. Recommend Pairing: New York Strip Steak with Brandied Mushrooms."


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
99pt Dylan’s Ghost Old Vine Zin - Another stunner fr Aaron Pott!
Winemaker Aaron Pott uses a Turley source vyd to craft a bodacious Old Vine Zin bursting with fruity complexity.
Winemaker Aaron Pott uses a Turley source vyd to craft a bodacious Old Vine Zin bursting with fruity complexity.
99pt Dylan’s Ghost Mead Ranch Old Vine Zinfandel
Cult Winemaker Aaron Pott
Old Vin Zin used in Turley’s Zins
2017-4-24 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Chris Stanley, Certified Somm:
97-99 / 100
#review=Brian Whitaker, Somm/GM:
97 / 100
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