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99pt Notre Vin Napa Valley Cabernet 2010

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To enjoy a bottle of Notre Vin is to honor the legend of the late Denis Malbec. He left behind a wondrous viticultural legacy when he unexpectedly passed, and this special Cabernet is a prime example of just how much he and his talent meant to not only Napa, but the wine world as a whole. Richly elegant with plenty of nuance, this limited-production label is a stunning snapshot of the complex possibilities Napa has to offer. Complex aromas of white blossom, peach, and ripe blackberry segue to a dense palate presence, while ripe tannins guide to an ample, smooth finish.

About the wine

Denis Malbec believed in creating wines that caused the mouth to water. He sought to execute this trick not through trickery or an over-reliance on modern-day technique. Rather, he did so by deploying a process that allowed for grapes to express their nuances on their own terms. This created deeply personal labels that were as intimate as they were complex, and this densely concentrated Cab Sauv is no exception. Powerful yet silky, this cab is richer than most millionaires yet contains enough subtle charm to make it as approachable as a good neighbor. Gentle hints of white blossom, almonds, and peach accompany lively ripe blackberry and cassis on the nose. These notes make a dense landing on the palate, leaving plenty of room for spice essences to emerge and round out the experience. Ripe tannins lead to a smooth, generous finish. Denis referred to this selection as one of the best Cabs he ever made; a confession that may make scoring a bottle of this limited production gem even more special.       

WinemakerDenis Malbec
AppellationNapa Valley
- 98-99 pts, Chris Stanley, Certified Somm 
Grapes88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Petit Verdot
VineyardsSelect cooler hillside vineyards in Napa Valley
Cooperage: 18 months in 75% new French oak barrels 
ABV: 14.1%

About the winery and vineyard

The fact that Notre Vin’s name is French for “our wine” is a perfect symbol of the experience co-founders Denis Malbec and May-Britt strove to share with each label. It’s a huge reason why Denis sudden passing last year hit Napa Valley so hard. The winery’s very legacy was built on the notion that their limited production labels would be a conduit for cherished connections; a link that also deftly reflected the passion Denis held for Napa’s terroir throughout his storied career. This exquisite Cab is a prime example of this latter bond. Dennis put his near obsession with the joys of Napa’s vast microclimates to tremendous use, sourcing choice fruit from some of the region’s cooler hillside vines. His skilled hand was able to draw his numerous findings that coalesced into a pure voice of Napa terroir. This label, as the rest of Notre Vin’s selections, will ensure that the Denis’ well-respected legacy will remain strong for years to come.

About the winemaker

The late Denis Malbec believed that good wine should make the mouth water. While Napa is still mourning the untimely loss of Notre Vin’s magnificent winemaker, they can take comfort in a legacy that was built around the pursuit of this sentiment. It was a philosophy that was shaped at France’s prestigious First Growth estate Chateau Latour, where he’d ascend the ranks to take on the role of Cellar Master once held by his father Jean-Noel Malbec. The viticultural principles cultivated through his Bordeaux-based journey remained the backbone of every wine worthy of bearing his precious Notre Vin label. Always quick to cherish quality over quantity, Denis’ constant quest for the best grapes sourced was passionately matched by a constant pursuit to intimately understand each nuance of the region’s microclimates held. This unbridled love for the region routinely resulted in highly-prized critical darlings that magically connected the terroir of Napa with the soul of Bordeaux. He may no longer with us, but his presence will be undeniably felt whenever a bottle bearing the Notre Vin label is shared.

98-99 pts, Chris Stanley, Certified Sommelier

"Dennis Malbec's 2010 Notre Vin Napa Valley Cabernet is Flawless. One of greatest small production Cult Cabernet's worthy of a $500+ price tag and possibly the only wine to give Christian Moueix (Dominus) a run for his money.
Abundance of ripened delicious fruit. Mulberries, graphite, licorice, forest floor, sage, black currants, plums, and blackberries. This long lived Cabernet is supple yet powerful, multi leveled, and balanced. A sensational bottle of wine." 


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Notre Vin 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet - Celebrate a Legend
99pt Notre Vin Napa Cab fr Denis & May-Britt Malbec - Honoring a Legacy
99pt Notre Vin Napa Cab fr Denis & May-Britt Malbec - Honoring a Legacy
Denis Malbec’s limited-production Cab is a richly elegant snapshot of the complex possibilities Napa has to offer.
Denis Malbec’s limited-production Cab is a richly elegant snapshot of the complex possibilities Napa has to offer.
Fmr Latour Cellar Master
Denis Malbec Winemakr
2017-4-24 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Chris Stanley, Certified Somm:
98-99 / 100
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