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Bodega Viamonte Malbec Lujan De Cuyo Argentina 2015

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Few know the intricacies of the Mendoza Valley better than the Calasso family. After all, the brood behind Bodega Viamonte has been growing region-defining grapes here since the 1970s, well before Argentina made its irreversible splash onto the wine world. This phenomenal Malbec is a prime example of just how in tune the brood is with Mendoza’s near-sacred landscape. Winemaking impresario Martin Celasso sources estate-grown Malbec from Mendoza’s world-class Lujan de Cuyo sub-region and carefully transforms it into an all-caps version of the varietal; a juicy beauty whose gushing fruit is expertly reined in by jazz-singer level smoothness. It’s the kind of Malbec that Mendoza vintners dream about when it’s time to call it a day.

About the wine

It’s nearly impossible to mention Argentinian wines without talking about the Mendoza Valley. Yet savvy oenophiles know that peeling back this world-famous appellation reveals deeply intriguing sub-regional secrets. In the hands of a winemaking wizard like Bodega Viamonte’s Martin Celasso, these deeper sojourns into the Mendoza’s terroir routinely yield mind-bending results. This exemplary Malbec is a prime example of what’s possible when Argentina’s celebrated signature grape is appreciated at this more intimate level. Martin sources sublime Malbec grapes from the century-plus old estate vines ensconced in Mendoza’s esteemed Lujan de Cuyo area and meticulously coaxes every square millimeter of unique expression possible. The results of this passionate pursuit is an enticingly juicy study in sexy fruit essence and silky smooth texture. Suggestions of cedar lovingly add roundness to pronounced nose bops of red currants and crushed blueberries. Flourishes of black cherry, fat raspberry, and nuanced tobacco lazily reveal on the palate amid a velvet-wrapped medium body. Spicy tannins propel the journey to a racy conclusion. This is a thrillingly advanced interpretation of Argentinian Malbec, making it an essential label for any serious wine lover’s collection.

Winemaker: Martin Celasso
AppellationLujan de Cuyo
93 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced
Grapes100% Malbec
Vineyards: La Augusta, Vistalba Valley
Cooperage: 6 months in French oak
ABV: 14.2%

About the winery & vineyards

The Celasso name was synonymous with exceptional Argentinian wine long before the first bottle of Bodega Viamonte was crafted. Specifically, the family has been linked to viticulture since 1973, when Arturo Celasso planted the family’s first vines in the Maipu region. Many years and many vineyards later, the itch to do something more beyond grape-growing practically demanded to be scratched. The 2007 launch of Bodega Viamonte satisfied that urge, and it didn’t take long for their bevy of boutique labels to develop a devoted following. The label’s success hasn’t detracted from the family’s farming ways in the least bit. Indeed, winemaker Martin Celasso’s prime penchant for painstakingly picking proper estate fruit fuels the soul of each selection that touches his skilled hands. For this selection, he’s traveled to the Mendoza Valley’s prestigious Lujan de Cuyo subregion to pluck Malbec grapes culled from the estate’s La Augusta vineyard. Planted in 1912 some 3,000 miles above sea level, these gracefully gnarled vines bathe in dramatic diurnal temperatures as they struggle through a well-draining mix of clay and loamy soil. These conditions produce succulent Malbec grapes that virtually drip with juicy expression. Under Martin’s exquisitely passionate vision, they’re transformed into a lusciously smooth expression of Mendoza Valley terroir; one that allows the Celasso’s well-respected name to flourish even further.

About the winemaker

Martin Celasso doesn’t just make wines. He continues to grow his family’s viticultural heritage. It’s a vine-based bloodline that traces to Spain through his mom and to Italy through his dad. The Old World principles that define Martin’s heritage play an enormous role in his ability to expertly shape Bodega Viamonte’s array of splendid boutique wines. Indeed, there’s nothing too fancy about Martin’s approach to viticulture. It’s a process that stems from sourcing the choicest fruit he can find from his family’s estate vineyards and continues to the bottle with passionate, painstaking guidance and the right smidgen of modern technology. The unwavering devotion he shows from start to finish has propelled Bodega Viamonte to the forefront of Argentina’s ever-burgeoning wine scene. It’s also ensured that the Celasso surname will remain a prominent viticultural moniker for years to come. 

93 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced

"Vivacious purple with a lot of energy coming off the nose. This classic Argentinian Malbec showcases black fruits, fresh raspberry, asphalt, green herbs and fine-tuned oak. An ultra-inviting and pleasant palate that echoes the flavor bouquet on the nose. This wine really delivers above and beyond with medium concentration and tannin. Piles of  freshness and elegance compile on the finish. Get ready for your Summer BBQs, sip on the couch with a friend or mingle the crowds at a cocktail party with a glass. Hard to go wrong with a case or two of this crowd pleaser." 


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
Succulent Old Vine Malbec from Bodega Viamonte
15.99 Old Vine Malbec fr Bodega Viamonte
15.99 Old Vine Malbec fr Bodega Viamonte
Winemaker Martin Calasso’s estate-grown Malbec is an enticingly juicy study in fruity essence and silky smooth texture.
Winemaker Martin Calasso’s estate-grown Malbec is an enticingly juicy study in fruity essence and silky smooth texture.
Lowest Price in the Country!
Vineyard planted in 1912
2017-4-20 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Alex Casella, WSET Advanced:
93 / 100
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Last Chance! Succulent Old Vine Malbec from Bodega Viamonte

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