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Caymus-Suisun Grand Durif (Petite Sirah) Suisun Valley 2016

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Caymus-Suisun Grand Durif is back! It doesn’t matter where Wagner family chooses to grow their grapes--they don’t settle for second best, and the bold and spicy Grand Durif is a welcome addition to the Wagner’s 100-point family of wines.

From the Wild West of California’s grape growing regions, the Suisun Valley, this Petite Sirah is changing the game--Don’t miss this new releases world debut on Vivino only!

About the wine

When the Wagner clan first set foot in Rutherford, the central Napa Valley landscape was not what it is today--orchards outnumbered visitors, and tourists were rare. The same chance at discovery and innovation exists just a stone’s throw from Rutherford in the Suisun Valley! Family patriarch and iconic winemaker Chuck Wagner was just looking for a bottling facility, but fell in love...again. After exploring the vineyards and meeting local ranchers, he discovered, Durif (AKA Petite Sirah) as a standout grape. and lost no time bringing a new bestseller to the Caymus family.

Wine Spectator called it right with the first release: “Dark and plush, this combines structure with polish.” The second release of the Grand Durif follows suit with richness and spice --leaving a firm impression of Petite Sirah’s signature flavors. French oak aging adds notes of mocha, baking spice, and clove that are irresistible.

Winemaker: Chuck Wagner
Appellation: Suisun Valley, (near Napa)
- 96-97 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced (2015 Vintage)
4.4/5.0, Vivino Users, 2015 Vintage
- 4.5/ 5.0, Vivino Users, 90,000+ Reviews (All Caymus)
- 90-96 pts, by RP & WS all 25 vintages (1987-2014)
- Caymus has made 2x Wine of the Year (Wine Spectator)
- Grapes: Durif (Petite Sirah)


4.4 Vivino Users 

"Fantastic wine to try and buy a case" Nick G.

"Another hidden gem from Caymus. Their first Petite Sirah release and it's a good one." Jeremy M.

"For those who like the luxuriousness and drinkability of a Caymus wine, I would think this is right up your alley. It was mine." Damion H.

96-97 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced (2015 Vintage)

"Gorgeous purple color meets an enticing nose of black, blue and red fruit. This boisterous wine delivers the mid-palate and packs a long-lasting savory and fruity finish with well-groomed tannins.  For the immense wine lover, this is your playground.  Moreover, this will appeal to many palates looking for something new and exciting and delivers top-notch quality. Pair with grilled duck breast and braised short ribs."

Winemaker Tasting Notes

"Our Grand Durif features deep, majestic purple, with a nose of blueberries, wet earth and saddle leather. The initial impression on the palate is broad, smooth, and weighty, then springs into hear with rich and harmonious tannins. The key notes of this wine are the lush textural tannins that push the limits on arrogance yet also display friendly supple qualities. It's truly difficult to explain its singluar style - firm structure yes super-abundant textual softness. Oak plays a significant role in providing a vanilla character. Tis wine can be enjoyed now, though it is still quite a baby. Although I find myself drinking it now, I believe it had tremendous aging potential as well." - Chuck Wagner


Other Details

Caymus May Have Just Created the Greatest Petite Sirah Ever Made! An Absolutely Amazing Wine!
Caymus Petite Sirah is Back: You requested, we got it!
Bestsellers in the last 30 days Vivino App!
Our initial allocation sold out in minutes. The long-awaited Petite Sirah from the Suisun Valley is back from the best-selling Caymus! Now YOU can be one of the first to taste this new icon.
2017-11-18 23:59:00
#review=Alex Casella, WSET Advanced (2015 Vintage):
96-97 / 100
#stars_review= Vivino Users, (4.4, 2015 Vintage)
"Another hidden gem from Caymus. Their first Petite Sirah release!":
#stars_review=Vivino Users, (4.5, All Winery):
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