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Hensteeth Prop Red 2010

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Hensteeth’s fantastic collection of “underground” wines has put them at the top of Sonoma’s cult wine club. This limited production proprietary red blend shows their lofty status is one that’s well-earned. Brilliant winemaker Chris Taddei skillfully conducts a trio of top-notch Sonoma varietals and produces a sublime symphony of graceful complexity and silky smoothness. Aromatics of dark fruit, fresh tobacco, and cedar elegantly shift to a full-bodied revelation of intense plum, dark chocolate, and wild mountain herbs before finishing on a long, lilting finish.

About the wine

Hensteeth’s penchant for taking a clandestine winemaking path ensures two things. Firstly, those fortunate to be in the know will be in prime position to snap up these cult gems. Secondly, the deliberate lack of hype allows stud winemaker Chris Taddei the freedom to interpret the Sonoma land he loves the way he wants. This is a good thing, as he doesn’t just know all the secrets this hunk of California possesses, his critically acclaimed winemaking skills act as a skeleton key that routinely unlocks high 90+point ratings. His supreme vintner voodoo is on full display with this masterful red blend. Under his expert hand, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot grapes get together and produce a juicy, voluptuous temptress packed with generous, concentrated flavors. Elegant aromas of dark fruit, fresh tobacco, black pepper, cedar, and spearmint gracefully waft from its ruby red hue. A medium to full-bodied presence smoothly spreads across the palate, revealing intense notes of dark cherry, plum, ripe currant, dark chocolate, and wild mountain herbs. Firm tannins guide the experience to a silky, long finish. Once wine lovers on the outside discover this selection, they’ll feel compelled to watch every move this “underground” winery makes.               

WinemakerChris Taddei
AppellationSonoma County
- 96 ptsMartin Sheehan-Stross, Lead Sommelier Michael Mina, SF
- 95 pts, Christopher Sawyer, “Sommelier to the Stars”
GrapesCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot
Vineyards: TK
ABV: 14.5%

About the winery and vineyard

Much like the saying that inspires its name, Hensteeth wines can be described as rare and dear. The winery certainly treats every limited production gem that dares to bear their label as a precious commodity. It’s an obsessive “underground” approach designed to put the creation of their wines several steps ahead of traditional business models. By gleefully eschewing concepts like mass quantities or big publicity blitzes, they’re allowed to focus their energies on “cherry picking” small lots of the choicest, rarest fruit from winegrowers that double as good friends. It’s a process that’s a bit unorthodox compared to some of Napa’s heavyweights, but it’s also one that’s led to a string of high 90+pt cult wines that creates a tizzy in the wine world whenever a new label drops. To create this rarified proprietary blend, winemaker Chris Taddei has scored the greatest of Sonoma’s top-level Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot grapes from some of his closest buddies, coaxing every last drop of the region’s inimitable terroir from each grape touched by his hand. The results of this highly discerning process is a 90+point head-turner whose presence within any self-respecting oenophile’s collection instantly provides a ridiculous amount of viticultural cred.

About the winemaker

Hensteeth winemaker Chris Taddei has just one mission whenever he heads into a harvest: Make the best Sonoma County Cab Sauv ever. It’s a lofty goal born from old-school roots, as a deep exploration of French labels early in his career left him a touch wary of California fruit. This changed when his wife and Sonoma County native Dana Taddei acted as his regional muse, giving him proper exposure to Sonoma’s best wines and wineries. Chris has become an enthusiastic advocate of Sonoma County since this reveal, and funnels this passion by relentlessly tracking down only the best Sonoma grapes from good friends that just so happen to be esteemed grape growers. His relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in a slew of high 90+point cult wines that demonstrate his ambitious endgame may very well be at his fingertips. Chris and Dana’s unwavering belief in the power of Sonoman wines also led them to launch Super Sonoman Wines in 2011; a special label whose power-packed wines are crafted to rival the world’s premier Super Tuscans.

96 pts - Martin Sheehan-Stross, Lead Sommelier Michael Mina, SF

"At six years old, still pouring a bright ruby color all the way out to the rim. The nose is floral and elegant, showing juicy yet fresh red fruit notes. There is plenty of bay leaf and crushed herbs as well. The palate is round, and becomes more savory as it finishes. There is red and black fruit, as well as cedar and sandalwood, showing off a sense of the Old-World in a ripe, New World package."

95 pts - Christopher Sawyer, “Sommelier to the Stars”

"Whether it’s the seductive aromas, deep flavors, fine tannins, lingering finish or other stellar characteristics, a great proprietary red wine blend gives you a lot to smile about for many years to come. A great example is the Hensteeth 2010 Proprietary Red, a complex red wine made by winemaker Chris Taddei with fruit from vineyards located on the rocky hilltops and ridges of Sonoma County.

 In the glass, this dynamic combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and smaller portions of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot immediately demands attention with loft scents of dark fruits, fresh tobacco, licorice, black pepper, molasses, spearmint and cedar. On the palate, this medium to full-bodied wine opens up with concentrated flavors of briary blackberry, dark cherry, plum, ripe currant, dark chocolate, and wild mountain herbs. From there, the flavor profile is further enhanced with firm tannins, silky texture, layers of spice, and a long, gentle finish. Pure mountain fruit at its finest.

To complement these generous flavors, try this wine with grilled veggies, gourmet sausages, tri-tip sandwiches, roasted chicken with herbs, pork chops, and fresh lamb meatballs."


Other Details

Alcohol percentage:
96pt Hensteeth 2010 Proprietary Red, Sonoma County
96pt 2010 Prop Red fr Sonoma’s Hensteeth
96pt 2010 Prop Red fr Sonoma’s Hensteeth
Winemaker Chris Taddei’s melange of three Sonoma varietals is a juicy blend packed with generous, concentrated flavors.
185 Cases Made
Sister winery Super Sonoman Wines
2017-4-20 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Martin Sheehan-Stross Lead Sommelier Michael Mina, SF:
96 / 100
#review=Christopher Sawyer, “Sommelier to the Stars”:
95 / 100
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