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Los Dos Rose Spain 2015

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Forget about cheap beer, your Memorial Day Weekend's Thirst Quencher just got a major upgrade with this delicious and vibrant Spanish Rose. Sourced from Campo de Borja, a Spanish region that’s been doing the viticultural thing for nearly a millennium, this Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon based rose shows some vibrant red fruit (Strawberry, raspberry) combined with some floral notes (white flower) and a mineral (lingering) acidity. Eager to be the life of the party. Get a few bottles and let the celebration begin!

About the wine

DO Campo de Borja has been a serious winemaking region since the 12th century. Yet this historic hunk of northeastern Spain has a lighter side. It’s an aspect only a winemaker like Javier Vela can explore to its fullest capacity. After all, Javier’s family has been making wine here for several generations, and this bloodline gives Javier the perspective needed to cajole the lively spirit that a good rosé demands from its terroir. He turns to a pair of Campo de Borja’s finest vineyards to seek out Grenache and Cab Sauv fruit that willingly express the terroir’s fun, lively streak. Under his skilled hand, these grapes coalesce into an elegantly vibrant rosé that interprets the region’s character in a most delightful manner. Vivacious notes of fresh raspberry, lychee, and white flower playfully engage on the nose and on the palate amid a silky-smooth mouthfeel, while supple tannins guide the experience to a long conclusion. This is the rosé to have on hand when patio time comes calling.             

WinemakerJavier Vela
AppellationDO Campo de Borja
- 93 pts, Alex Casella, WSET Advanced 
Grapes85% Grenache, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon
VineyardsLa Corona and El Picador Vineyards
Cooperage: Stainless Steel Tanks

About the winery and vineyard

Roughly translated, Los Dos is Spanish for “both.” It’s an appropriate name for this special label produced by the Spanish wine collective known as Bodegas Aragonesas. The moniker works because its wines are forged from an exquisite combination of two distinct varietals. Yet it’s also perfect because the labels highlight another pairing: The Campo de Borja region and Los Dos winemaker Javier Vela. It’s a link partially forged by history; the northeastern Spanish region’s been producing wine since the 12th century, and Javier’s family has been tapping into its terroir for generations. For this stunning rosé, Javier uses his lineage-fueled acumen to focus his attention on a collection of 15- to 35-year old vines planted to the region’s celebrated La Corona and El Picador vineyards. Tucked along the foothills of the Iberian Mountain range near the Ebro River, these dual spots take full advantage of Campo de Borja’s continental climate and well-draining limestone-rich soils, producing vibrant Grenache and Sauv Blanc grapes conducive to sparking a rosé’s festive spirit. It’s a spirit that soars thanks to Javier’s guidance, making this a label that pairs rather well with good times.

About the winemaker

Few winemakers know how to unlock the secrets of the Campo de Borja region better than Javier Vela. The latest in a long, familial line of viticulturalists, Javier has spent his life immersed in the region’s centuries-old winemaking traditions. Yet these practices are the sole wellspring of his winemaking philosophy, as he deftly melds the region’s generationally-passed wisdom with just the right deployment of modern technique. His old-meets-new approach has consistently produced fascinating interpretations of the Campo de Borja region throughout his career, whether it’s through the Los Dos label or through other selections such as Sirenia or Bodegas Aragonesas. 

93 pts - Alex Casella, WSET Advanced 

 "Pale Salmon color with a lively and fresh nose, lots of citruses, strawberry skins, yellow plum, grapefruits and pink flowers. A pleasurable palate that satisfies the nose and delivers bright fresh fruits and spicy nuances. Enjoy this now or over the next 1-2 years. This summer sipper is a sure shot for a case buy. This will certainly impress your party guests without breaking the bank. Pair with Oysters, Tuna Carpaccio, Charcuterie, and Roasted Branzino."


Other Details

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Vibrant $12.99 Rose - Eager to be the Life of the Party!
$12.99 Gorgeous Rose – Your Perfect Thirst Quencher for Memorial Day Weekend
$12.99 Gorgeous Rose – Your Perfect Thirst Quencher for Memorial Day Weekend
Forget about cheap beer, your Memorial Day's Thirst Quencher just got a major upgrade.
Forget about cheap beer, your Memorial Day's Thirst Quencher just got a major upgrade.
Perfect Thirst Quencher
Crazy Low Price!
12th Century Wine Region
2017-5-24 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#review=Alex Casella, WSET Advanced:
93 / 100
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