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The Prisoner Wine Co Blindfold White 2015

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The Prisoner Wine Company’s habit for creating breathless bottles of intrigue aren’t just confined to their most famous label. Consulting winemaker Jan Beloz demonstrates this with a show stopping blend featuring grapes culled from Napa Valley and the California Central Coast. Bold, luscious, and impeccably balanced, this decadent expression of Golden State terroir is an essential purchase for those that live for a wine list’s “interesting whites” section. Get now or regret later.

About the wine

How do you create a companion piece to a wine as iconic as The Prisoner? If you’re The Prisoner Wine Co.’s consulting winemaker Jan Beloz, you break free from the norm. She’s been given carte blanche to create a true California white blend, one where grape and appellation doesn’t matter as long as the end result is mind-blowing. The opportunity wasn’t wasted: Jan’s pulled in grapes like Chenin Blanc and Roussanne from close-to-home Napa sources as well as far-reaching appellations like Santa Barbara County. The endgame of such eclecticism is an intriguing white blend that’s the bold Bonnie to The Prisoner’s captivating Clyde. Pronounced aromas of grilled white peach, honeysuckle, and apricot flourish upon the nose. A lush palate expression of mandarin fruit and hazelnut are exquisitely framed by a balance of grounded minerality and lively acidity. Indulgent notes of caramelized sugar and lemon zest abound on its rich, creamy finish. It’s an eye-opening label that lovers of interesting whites will have no problem breaking out from their wine collection.

WinemakerJen Beloz
AppellationNapa Valley, California Central Coast
- 4.3, Vivino Users
Grapes: Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Roussane, Viognier
Vineyards: Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, Kunde Family, Camp 4 Vineyard, Vogelzang Vineyard, Rodgers
ABV: 15.4%

About the winery and vineyard

It’s no surprise that The Prisoner Wine Company carried clout before it even launched. After all, their signature label is The Prisoner, the same label that rocked the wine world to its core when it was part of Orin Swift’s acclaimed portfolio. While the iconic label has gone solo, it’s getting by with a little help from its friends. The eponymous Rutherford winery surrounds its superstar with an array of head-turning blends carefully curated by the superb tandem of winemaker Chrissy Wittmann and consulting winemaker Jan Beloz. These complex labels are built with a minimalistic approach; one that’s forged from a desire to allow the grapes to organically share their voice. This particular label has quite the diverse vocal ensemble, as Jan’s search for sumptuous grapes is not merely restricted to classic California Wine Country. She’s aligned fruit from trusted, historic vineyard partners in Napa and Sonoma with viticultural gems down south in Santa Barbara County. This latter area’s penchant for afternoon marine gusts and cool early season produce ALL-CAPS versions of white grapes that practically burst with creamy, weighted expression. Jan’s gentle touch guides the intriguing cast of characters to form a whole, cohesive expression of California brilliance, resulting in a label that’s destined for the kind of fandom its famous viticultural cousin has enjoyed since before day one.

About the winemaker

Jan Beloz’s first foray into winemaking was supposed to convince her to go to med school. When her physiology professor at the University of San Francisco arranged a gig for her at his friend’s winery in Australia, he did so thinking that the job would be too arduous. It wasn’t. In fact, it provided the spark that’s led to a full-fledged passionate pursuit of viticultural greatness; a stellar journey that’s included California stints at Cline Cellars and Ravenswood. She honed her craft at the latter winery under Zinfandel impresario Joel Peterson, and this crucial tutelage laid a foundation strong enough for her to uphold The Prisoner Wine Co.’s still-growing legacy. Although she’s been with the winery since 2011, she still sees crafting such a popular Napa icon as a challenge to be accepted with great zeal. Hopefully, her old physiology professor approves. 




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The Perfect Prisoner Companion! The Prisoner Wine Co. 2015 Blindfold Blanc!
THE Blend for Fans of Interesting Whites! The Prisoner Wine Co. 2015 Blindfold!
THE Blend for Fans of Interesting Whites! The Prisoner Wine Co. 2015 Blindfold!
Winemaker Jan Beloz transforms Napa and Central Coast grapes into a luscious study of bold fruit and pinpoint balance.
Winemaker Jan Beloz transforms Napa and Central Coast grapes into a luscious study of bold fruit and pinpoint balance.
Former Piece of Orin Swift Portfolio
Wmkr Studied Under Joel Peterson
2017-6-10 23:59:00 -08:00:00
#stars_review=Vivino Users, (4.3):
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